Does your window cleaning and pressure washing company have insurance?

Why insurance matters for a window cleaning and pressure washing company

A key difference between (a) a reputable, professional pressure washing and window cleaning company, and (b) an unprofessional, fly-by-night, “guy with a truck” operation is whether that company is insured.  Should this matter to you?

Most of our large sophisticated commercial customers require very specific insurance in order for us to perform work.  These companies require it because they know that, by not hiring a pressure washing or window cleaning company with insurance, that customer would otherwise take on significant risk.  BrightSquare is easy to work with for these types of customers because we have the insurance coverage they require.

So why do some people ignore this if the sophisticated customers require it?

You should hire a company that can handle unforeseen risks.  For example, while most accidents or damage are caused by inexperienced technicians, some are caused by bad luck or unforeseen circumstances.  Customers should want to hire a company that can cover these issues with insurance.  If you hire a pressure washing or window cleaning company without insurance, you may bear significant risk and liability.

While our sophisticated customers look for various levels of insurance, most require these two types of insurance:

General Liability Insurance, which covers damages that occur during the work performed on a job.

Workers Compensation Insurance is another type you should be aware of.  In many cases, if an uninsured worker is injured on your property, you may be liable and responsible.

For customers who are extremely price sensitive, they may find that the cheapest prices for these services are achieved by employing workers without workers compensation insurance.  Hiring an uninsured pressure washing or window cleaning person (for example, “a guy with a pressure washer”) can turn a small project into thousands of dollars of liability.

The Solution is Easy: ask the pressure washing or window cleaning company this question: “Do you have General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance?”